75+ Bogardo is hot at Chilly Half Marathon

Stephen Bogardo at one of his many races

Toronto Inspires when the 75+ years-young runner and coach, Stephen Bogardo, handily wins his age category, while simultaneously trumping two-thirds of the entire field of 2,800 half-marathon racers.

With a stand-out finishing time of 1:54:18 at the recent Burlington, Chilly Half Marathon, running clinic coach Stephen Bogardo can’t help but instill awe in those attending his results-focussed running clinics and other mere mortals. It should be no surprise that he’s ranked among the top North American runners in his age group. It should also be no surprise that he has coached many aspiring racers, of all ages, to attain their personal bests.

Stephen is an encouraging and frequent force found within the High Park community. Regardless of weather, he’s leading his troop and any tag-alongs who happen to join his running route. He’s tenacity and enthusiasm for the sport and goal-setting are undeniable. His actions are proof that athletic feats can be life-long endeavours.

If you’d like to be a part of his running group, he can be found at High Park Running Room and http://myrunningcoach.net/.

To see some highlights from the recent Chilly Half, check out 

Another reason Toronto Inspires: Shared by Lynda C.


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