Caretaker’s work ethic shines at Forest Hill Collegiate

Forest Hill Collegiate Caretaking Staff

Forest Hill Collegiate Caretaking Staff Courtesy of

Toronto Inspires when a Forest Hill Collegiate caretaker continuously maintains the highest standard and takes pride in his contribution to the local school community.

The visit to Forest Hill Collegiate came about as part of a student assignment to do a photo essay of publicly funded institutions across the city.

This school sparkles. During an impromptu encounter with one of its stellar caretaking staff (seen in photo, second from the right), we are taken aback by his sense of school ownership. Following a brief observation regarding the exceptional cleanliness of the facilities, he spontaneously offers to show us around. Pride in his work and school are clearly evident through affectionate descriptions of years of service, through the picking up of a minuscule piece of paper from an otherwise spotless carpet during our walk about, and through his ample use of collective pronouns—us, we, ours.

It comes as no surprise that he was part of the caretaking team that won the Toronto District School Board 2012 Excellence Award (see  2012 Excellence Award from for more details). While that accolade is now in the past, the ongoing effort he puts forth continues to be deserving. The professional commitment of this CUPE 4400 member is a model worth emulating.

Another reason Toronto Inspires: Shared by Lynda C.


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