A father’s admiration

Toronto Inspires when my older son Lin-Whei, with the illness of Asperger Syndrome, is doing all that he can to solicit stable labor work to support himself.

Story shared by Shyh-Chwem Kang (Steve), Proud Father

tenacityLin-Whei suffered very much from hyperactivity during his childhood. Due to his backward reaction, he experienced quite a bumpy and painstaking life to finish his vocational education in Taiwan. Even so, he always has been revealing a very strong wish that he wants to live on his own.

Two years after my family immigrated to Canada and went through innumerable trials, Lin-Whei got precarious part time labor work with a food store chain. To enhance his competence, Lin-Whei took ESL courses during non-work time. Meanwhile, he still kept on actively searching for any chance for a stable job.

Five months ago, there was a chance of a six month paid training program for food storage management, which was provided by a government organization. Luckily, Lin-Whei had received a very positive recommendation letter from his kind ESL teacher before the interview, which became very instrumental in the passing of his interview. Worrying about the uncertainties after finishing his training program, Lin-Whei insisted on keeping up his work at the food store during the evening shift, after the daytime training. Now, Lin-Whei works about 10 hours every weekday and five hours on Saturday and Sunday. He is content to do the hard labor work without any complaint. In spite of having such a painstaking life, the words we hear from him most often are “Thank you so much”.

There are many people among us like Lin-Whei, lacking skills or even having some degree of disability. Instead of complaining about their fate, they just strive to survive with disregard of their limitations and never give up. They and my son are the emblems of humanity’s fortitude.



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