Traffic controller of happiness

Toronto Inspires when a time-challenged finance executive, Elaine Stanley, transforms her frustrating commute into a series of happy acts.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

The daily grind of getting back and forth to the office in traffic that has been dubbed North America’s longest commute is often irritating. To offset this frustration, Elaine takes control of Toronto rush hour by changing her response to it and turning her drive time into game time. On route, she sets out to let into her lane as many drivers as possible. In the process, her commute morphs into a series of friendly exchanges. The resulting appreciative waves turn her drive and day around for the better.

Inspirational Takeaway: Make a little space in our lane. 🙂

For more ideas on managing your daily commute stress, check out  Commuting Tips.

Another reason Toronto Inspires: Shared by Lynda Chubak.


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