Chechen Garzni Hovl: The original Rice Krispy square?

Toronto Inspires when Esila Yusupova generously shares her Chechen culture and classic dessert, Garzni Hovl, with ESL classmates.

Chechna dessert Garzni Hovl

Esila with her Chechen dessert Garzni Hovl

Bakers and non-bakers alike know making Rice Krispy squares is a snap. A comparable honey-infused Chechnya dessert is not so easy. Imagine having to begin by first making the Krispy pieces… individually… from scratch. Yikes! That fictional undertaking is the equivalent to the day-long pursuit the traditional Chechen dessert Garzni Hovl requires. Luckily for those attending Toronto ESL classes with Esila Yusupova, she prepared and generously shared this not-too-sweet, verging on savoury, Chechen labour of love. In the process, Esila’s efforts have strengthened ties with her new Canadian community who appreciated sampling this delicious representation of her native cuisine.

In Chechyna, Garzni Hovl is an integral ingredient of family milestone celebrations. An illustration, following a Chechen wedding, it is customary for the new mother-in-law to make an ‘official’ visit to the mother-of-the-bride’s home, a gesture that fosters familial relationships. Part of the ritual typically includes bringing gifts and, most-notably, a multi-tiered version of Garzni Hovl. To commemorate her own 10th wedding anniversary, Esila created this beloved sweet for her classmates to enjoy.

Inspirational Takeaway: Generously sharing traditional foods connects communities. 🙂

For those curious to learn more, here are two step-by-step guides. The first is a picture version of how to make Garnzi Holv (also called Garziny-H’avl) from which photos below have been sourced. The second is a video lesson by Chrystal Callahan. Recipes do vary. Esila stresses that in her version, she uses only flour and eggs in the dough, and only honey in the drizzle.

Chechen Dessert Step 1

Garzni Hovl: Making the Krisp #1

Chechen Dessert Garzni Hovl Step s

Garzni Hovl: Making the Krisp #2


Another reason Toronto Inspires: Shared by Lynda Chubak

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