Toronto cycling transported to Brazil

Toronto Inspires when local cycling initiates a change 8,400 km away.

Post by Edson Scharf, a marketing professor living and working in Brazil.

Family Biking

Family Biking

As I loved Toronto the first time that I visited in 2010, I came back the next year with my family. All of us loved this amazing piece of earth that receives tourists in its own way: a little bit distance, but with a big desire to help us to be happy while in Toronto. One of the things that inspired me most were the bicycles. Despite its millions of people, there weren’t only cars on the streets. It was absolutely sensational. Bicycles are very popular. When I saw this way of life, I thought that here I am living in a little city in Brazil (Blumenau), with its many green spaces, and I have forgotten to ride my bicycle. It´s not fun. Because of my trip to Toronto, when I got home I got out my bicycle, my colorful clothes and my will to start, once again, enjoying long tours around my city. Soon, my sons will join me because biking unites the whole family. This is a legacy of my wonderful trip to Toronto.

Inspirational Takeaway: Notice a positive habit.  Next, make it your own.

Painting commissioned to capture Toronto memories.

Painting commissioned to capture Toronto memories.

P.S. Edson commissioned the adjacent painting as a keepsake of the memories of his trips to the city.


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