Would-be employer finds newcomer work

Toronto Inspires when immigrant receives unexpected job search help.

Story shared by Myle Khuuh.

Myle KhuuhWhen I came to Canada, it was in January 1989. That was the coldest weather during the year. At the beginning I didn’t like it here, because I fell down in front of the supermarket on the second day. But, I liked it after because I met a person who made me feel welcomed.

I arrived in Canada after eight months of applying. I finally got my social insurance card and was looking for a job as a printing press operator. Following my first interview, I didn’t get the job. For the second one, I called to ask for the job. I don’t know if I was lucky or if I just had my job certificate. The man on the phone said yes. He asked if I had a car, and I said I didn’t. Then, he told me to go to the Kipling subway passenger pick up section tomorrow. He would come to pick me up. The next day I arrived at the station. He was already there. I saw a 55-60 year old man with gray hair and eye glasses. He approached me and asked me, “Are you here for the job interview?”. I said yes. Then he drove me to his shop. We had a conversation for a while, and I found out he was the boss of a small printing shop.

At the shop, he asked me to run the small printing machine. He gave me a bottle of chemical mixed with water, which helps to clean up the ink. But the amount was wrong. I told him that it wasn’t the right mix. He shouldn’t have put that much chemical inside. Even so, I set up the machine. I don’t know why the machine ran for a while and then it stopped by itself. I tried several time, but it was the same. Then I told him that I was sorry I couldn’t get it to work.

I never thought he would say “You are so nice, truthful and honest”. “You go home and wait, and I’ll find a job closer to your house for you. When I contact them, I’ll call you.” I went home and waited. At the time, I wondered why he would care about me. Several days later, he really did call and gave me an address of where to go for an interview.

The next day I arrived at the new printing company. Wow! It was a big company. The interviewer was the planning manager. He asked me to work the afternoon shift, but that was a problem for me because I was in Canada for only eight months. At the time, we had only one income from my husband. Every month, after we paid for rent, groceries and my husband’s metro pass, we had only a few dollars left. So I tried to save as much as I could. If it wasn’t necessary, I wouldn’t go out. I didn’t know the bus routes, and it started getting dark around 5 or 6 o’clock. I had no choice; I had to say I would go home and think about it. After one month, the company called and asked me to come the next morning at 7:30 a.m. When I got to the company the next day, the manager brought me into the work section and I started to work.

I had wondered why they called me after one month; and then I found out why. The person who really found the job for me was the boss of the first printing shop. He turned out to be a friend of my new manager. That’s why they called me back. This is how Toronto has inspired me because I had never met such nice people before.

Lastly, I have advice for newcomers. Never ever give up. I know a lot of people that are doctors, business men and engineers….etc. they left their country to come here, leaving everything behind and having nothing here. But don’t give up. You will get it back. You might say, “of course you say that because you are not me.” If you said that, you would be wrong. I have been through this same situation. If you take my advice and upgrade yourself, wait for a chance and take opportunities, you will get everything back.

Trust me.

Inspirational Takeaway: Small acts of kindness may resonate for decades


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