Cookies, more cookies, and coffee.

Toronto Inspires when the traditions of a new community become your own.

Post by Dina May, a recent newcomer from Russia

Cookies and coffee. Cup of coffee

These are the most favorite treats. Have you ever tried to count coffee stores while going anywhere? There are hundreds of them! It is some kind of Toronto tradition to drink coffee with or without cookies wherever you may be. Writing this article was inspired by my teacher. She brought homemade oatmeal cookies to English class one day and treated all of us. For me, eating a cookie was a good method to awaken my brain.

After browsing the internet with the question: “What does coffee mean for Canadians?”, I found some interesting statistics (About Coffee). The proportion of Canadian adults drinking coffee within the past day has risen from 62% in 2009 to 65% in 2010. This proportion shows that more than half of adults drink coffee!!! Also, coffee drinkers within the 35 to 64 year-old age category continue to consume more coffee daily, on average, compared to those in younger or older age categories.

Before my immigration to Canada I was not a coffee lover. Drinking it a few times in a week was normal. I did not have a “coffee” craving. But after moving to Toronto, my coffee habits have changed. I don’t even remember the first place where I rediscovered this “narcotic” drink. I call it narcotic because after drinking a cup of coffee I feel an alertness, a jolting of my bodily system; new ideas are born in my head. It is not a secret that caffeine works by changing the brain chemistry. It blocks the action of a natural brain chemical that slows down the transmission of nerve impulses. After my first time drinking coffee, came the second, and again, and again. I love this drink! It’s my source of inspiration.

Reading Afterwards, I found the most enjoyable place for drinking coffee and, at the same time, reading a book. It was Chapters Indigo on the Queensway. Chapters is the biggest bookstore with a Starbucks franchise in it. From time to time, I love to come here in the morning, to take in some fashion magazines with a cup of coffee or cappuccino and to get new interesting facts and news about world. This is the place where one can relax. Being in Chapters makes me think that I am removed from daily life. I am on vacation. Also, people come for communication, for savoring coffee drinks and tweeting news. The location within the store is very comfortable. It has a few entrances. Entering from one, you’ll find yourself in the space surrounded by many interesting Indigo things, such as funny cups, pans, notes and so on. Coming from another entrance, you’ll be in front of Starbucks. The best feature of this store is that you can read any magazine and not pay for it.

canada-153129_640I found this place very inspirational. There are two features that make it so – coffee and books. I think most people love coffee because it gives such a boost. Thinking about it, I’ve decided that it will be fair to add it to Canada’s symbols – such as the maple leaf, the beaver, and the maple leaf tartan. One more deserves to be a Canadian symbol – a cup of coffee with cookies :).

Inspirational Takeaway: Adopting a new habit can be addicting.