Kudos to TTC’s Byford for acknowledging that public transportation stops here

Toronto Inspires when TTC CEO Andy Byford, in addition to quickly, fully and publicly apologizing for the unacceptability of Monday’s service shortfall, takes immediate and long-term corrective actions to improve public transportation.

Toronto by Train

Toronto by Train

For thousands of transit riders, Monday’s extended and unexplained service delays were just more frustration pile onto an already tarnished, some might say dismal, record. This blog post, however, is not about adding another criticism to that chorus.

In fact, Mr. Byford’s post-event response strikes as being comforting. In my view, he deserves kudos for immediately acknowledging that the train stops with him. By releasing a sincere apology (youtube link below) and for making the media rounds (TTC CEO’s Andy Byford’s interview on Metro Morning) to explain exactly how the situation unfolded, accepting blame in the process, he assures us that he and his staff are being held to account. More importantly, his very public admissions were backed up with specifics about how Toronto public transportation and customer service are being overhauled. Byford’s actions were impressive and believable. His handling of the matter has instilled some degree of confidence that there are better days ahead for TTC riders. Continue reading