Running coach Paul Miller recasts himself into “Iron” man

Toronto Inspires when passion and perseverance intersect.

Story shared by Lynda Chubak

Paul Miller

Paul Miller

You’d be hard-pressed to find an aspiring runner in Toronto’s High Park community that hasn’t received an encouraging nudge from neighbourhood running coach Paul Miller. After all, during the past decade or so, he has guided close to 2,000 race-completion hopefuls at the local Running Room. His training clinics are consistently packed-not only because he is a remarkably dedicated coach, but also because his own transformational story resonates.

In 2001, Paul’s comfort zone was better visualized as a sectional sofa than a patch of pavement. That was about to change. In April, an ex-girlfriend talked him into keeping her company by joining an upcoming Learn to Run clinic. Ten weeks later, after persevering with the program, in spite of running in cut-offs and cross-trainers, he and Gina crossed the 5K finish line at the Nissan Toronto Challenge in 0:36:37. Reflecting back, he recalls describing running “five whole kilometers” to a neighbour as unbelievable. That was also about to change. Read more about Paul!


Boston Strong Toronto Strong

Toronto Inspires when local runners band together in support of all Bostonians, residents and runners alike.

Boston Strong Logo

A symbol of resilience

As President Obama said, it’s been a tough week. In response, runners from coast to coast have been coping in the manner most familiar. They’re lacing up and hitting the pavement. Less than 24 hours after the horrific events at the Boston Marathon, Gillian Twiddie had organized a local run “as a means to spread love”. Gillian’s run

On Monday, April 22, High Park runners will extend the sentiment through an event billed as:

“A run for us to unite and show our strength. A run for those that were unable to finish. A run for those that may never run again. A run for us to try and make sense of the tragedy that has forever changed something we love.”

Toronto run for Boston

Toronto Strong supports Boston Strong

Please join your local running community. As always, it is a sport in which all are welcome!

Inspiration Takeaway: Community fosters strength.

75+ Bogardo is hot at Chilly Half Marathon

Stephen Bogardo at one of his many races

Toronto Inspires when the 75+ years-young runner and coach, Stephen Bogardo, handily wins his age category, while simultaneously trumping two-thirds of the entire field of 2,800 half-marathon racers.

With a stand-out finishing time of 1:54:18 at the recent Burlington, Chilly Half Marathon, running clinic coach Stephen Bogardo can’t help but instill awe in those attending his results-focussed running clinics and other mere mortals. It should be no surprise that he’s ranked among the top North American runners in his age group. It should also be no surprise that he has coached many aspiring racers, of all ages, to attain their personal bests.

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