Editorial DOs

DO be a contributor! In a nutshell, share a story about how a Torontonian has inspired you, a story in which you have been personally touched. Make it real. Make it honest. 🙂

DO be sure to stay with the blog’s theme “Toronto Inspires”To create a sense of continuity from blog post to blog post, each new post begins with a “Toronto Inspires when…” sentence that encapsulates what the writer has found inspiring. See other posts for examples. If you prefer to start your post a different way, you’re welcome to do so. In that case, before your post, I will insert a “Toronto Inspires when” summary sentence for you.

DO make your post the ‘right’ length. There is no recommended length. If a momentary act of kindness can be summed up in a sentence or two, then send it along. If the details of your story need multiple paragraphs to tell, then take that space. Make it as long as is necessary to best tell your story.

DO be forewarned. As an English teacher, I enjoy helping writers hone their craft. Therefore, at times, I may offer an editing tip or two before your submission is posted. If you have editorial feedback for me, I’d love to hear it.

DO make it specific. Help us understand your perspective by using language that is descriptive and detailed, remember your adjectives. (Again, it’s the English teacher coming out in me :).)

DO send your story. Send your story to torontoinspires@gmail.com or write it in the form below. Be sure to include your full name.

DO include photos or links. Where possible, photos and links will be included, so send them along via email or on the form. They are always great additions.

DO pat yourself on the back. By sending in a Toronto Inspires post, you are publicly acknowledging how someone has positively touched you. In turn, you will be sure to be making someone’s day, so pat yourself on the back.

Need Help! Grammar Girl has lots of practical grammar advice.


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